*~* Mindful Meltdown *~*

w/ DJs

Anna Dale ~ Chris Browne ~ Felix Roth

A midweek ecstatic dance practice inviting surrender into the present moment and the embodiment of a multiplicity of attributes, including but not limited to:
presence, awareness, conscious relationship to self and others, curiosity, kindness, compassion, wildness, beginning again, the still point, touch, boundaries, energy awareness, identity both defined and mutable, archetypes, mindfulness, acceptance, deliciousness, gratitude, humility, release, grace, being brazen, spaciousness, the eternal now, playfulness, the shamanic cycle of life-death-rebirth, embodiment, give and take, nourishment, accepting not knowing, discernment, community & mutual respect.

Wednesday's Mindful Meltdown is a place where space is held for us to come and feel safe to explore ways of being and expressing that we don't typically get the chance to. This can be through non-verbal communication, deep authentic movement, or a fusion of moving, dancing and being in ways that perhaps we don't associate with our self-identity, persona or the story of who we think we are or imagine ourselves to be.

This is an authentic spiritual practice, yet one is encouraged to explore ways of being that are outside the box of what is normal or typical for us as a means to discovering what might be our underlying authenticity. This dance is an exploration and an honoring of what it is to be fully embodied in the present moment, while honoring those around you who are simultaneously trying this on while dancing, moving, visually interacting or simply being. And in exploring our edges and the frontiers beyond our norm, we have the potential to come away feeling larger than who we thought we were with a wider sense of allowance and compassion for others and ourselves in the process. We might even be amazed at who we discover ourselves to be while old stories, notions, limited beliefs and identities that we realize are no longer valid or useful can be surrendered.


Everyone welcome, regardless of movement experience. 16 and older, please.

Wear comfortable clothing that's easy to move in.

A water bottle is recommended, but there is a drinking fountain onsite.

Please feel free to tone, roar, or make other non-verbal sounds, and please observe conversational silence in the dance space.

Please be aware that many are dancers sensitive, so refrain from wearing strong fragrances and be aware of your body odor level.

When: Every Wednesday...warm-up 6:45 pm, opening circle 7:10 til 8:30 (drop-in)
Where: Sunnyside Community House, 3520 SE Yamhill St., Portland, OR
How much: sliding scale $10-15

For more info: mindfulmeltdown@pdxecstaticdance.com